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Adhesive collection

Adhesive collection

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Kat's Lash Studio is committed to providing customers with quality products. After testing the latest batch of the Celestial adhesive, it was recognized that the product dries slower (1.5-2s) and has a thinner viscosity than the original formula. Nevertheless, the adhesive still preforms well and provides long lasting retention.

However, consistency is important to me, and the goal is for customers to receive the same product every time. I will continue to work closely with my manufacturer and further testing before selling a new batch will be implemented to prevent this from reoccurring. 

Love, Katrina


One of my clients who usually has like terrible retention she constantly touching or picking her lashes, the set lasted legit 3.5 weeks. I was soo proud she made it that far

I am obsessed with this glue, the name is so accurate. It dries so quickly & everyone’s retention has been at its best. Thank you so much I will be purchasing another bottle very soon :) 

I tried your adhesive for the first time today and it worked soooo well 😍 I’m super picky with my adhesive but I’m a fan of the viscosity and it gave me the perfect movement and time to wrap and dry right on time so I don’t get stickies or need to babysit the lash- so in awe with it  

$56.50 (tax incl.)

Enjoy our thin viscosity adhesives, formulated to have a flexible hold that will give you retention that is out of this world *ੈ✩‧₊˚

1 second dry time is suitable for beginner or advanced lash artists; and the slower dry time is perfect for wrapping lashes.

0.5 second dry time is suitable for the winter season or speedy lash artists.

performs best in 18-24C | 45-55% humidity 

Ingredients: Ethyl-cyanoacrylate, polymethyl methacrylate, carbon black, hydroquinone*

*0.01% concentration

5ml bottle


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